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Residential Data

Residential data in real time, and make sure you are up to date. If you have not checked your database in the past few months, chances are, it could do with a clean.​

Movers Data

With over 80,000 home address moves each month, be notified securely into your CRM with customised triggers, to identify new clients and those at risk.

Agent & Agency Data

Laser Focus, learn about your marketplace with deep agent level intelligence, historical behaviour, marketing spend and direct channel communication.

An Integration Solution for Every Industry

Get notification of every home mover to retain existing or acquire new clients, through timely conversations with key data insights.
Timed anniversary dates, calculated premium updates, with risk and leakage directly fed into your CRM for a single view
Make measured decisions with property verification, relocation alerts & new client leads. Grow and secure your customer base.
Independent home movers check, confirm address historical change. AVM's, median rents and home valuation today
Monitor your property book, identify lending opportunities against tenure, life cycle and be alerted to a home move daily
Banking & Finance
It's critical to keep engaged with your clients. Be notified when new customers move into your area or existing clients move out.

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